Size Inclusive Bridal Fashion: Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Size Inclusive Bridal Fashion: Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

By Hassan Khan

Every bride has once imagined shopping for their wedding dress when they were young. Let's face it, the idea of dressing up and taking the spotlight with your glamorous gown surrounded by your loved ones is a beautiful vision. 

The reality is that finding the perfect dress can be challenging.

In recent years many bridal fashion brands have started to understand the need to stride towards size-inclusive designs. Wedding dress shopping should be an exciting moment and should not cause you to doubt whether you'll find something that will fit and nor should it give you stress. Many curvy brides have expressed their feelings of being stressed and nervous when it comes to shopping for their wedding gowns. For this reason, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to follow to make your wedding dress shopping experience seamless and fun.


Look Around for Retailers that Specialize in Size-Inclusivity 

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Curves come in many forms, and unfortunately, bridal gown samples do not. Shopping at size-inclusive retailers ensures you they will have a range of sample sizes to try-on. You don't have to fret about whether all of the samples on the racks are only one size. These retailers will be the most knowledgeable and understanding of body types and a bride's needs and desires.

Additionally, it's recommended to speak to the retailer about sizing options when booking your initial appointment.


Be Open to Trying Various Styles

You may have conditioned yourself to believe that only certain styles suit the shape of your body; however, it is most likely you have never shopped for a garment such as a wedding dress. 

It's also easy to get caught up with a certain style before trying on anything else. We're here to tell you that whether it's the most over-the-top or the most simple wedding dress, you should experiment with them all.

Expert bridal stylists will know exactly what cuts will be the most flattering on your body, so trust the process.

Keep in mind some simple tricks like thicker fabrics can be more forgiving than thin fabrics like a crepe. Secondly, focus on the features you want to display; if you adore your bust, a V-neckline can draw attention to it.

Wear Your Desired Undergarments While Shopping

Undergarments may not be the first thing you think of when going wedding dress shopping. However, for that perfect fit, wear the preferred undergarment when getting measurements taken to avoid any future issues.

Wearing your preferred undergarments to your initial bridal appointments can also help you envision your final look on the day of your wedding better. Additionally, you will likely enjoy the experience more by wearing something you feel comfortable in.

Whether you are comfortable in your favorite bra or high-waisted Spanx, wear them for your wedding dress shopping trips to start on a good note.


Weight Loss

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Many brides strive to lose weight for their big day. It is important to be transparent with your stylists when shopping so they can take the appropriate steps when sizing you. Keep them in the loop on your weight loss plans and when you expect to achieve your desired weight. 

Shop at least eight months prior to your big day to ensure that your dress can be made and shipped to the salon just in time for alterations.

During alterations, it is much easier to take a dress in rather than to let it out so if you are in between two sizes, it is recommended to slightly size up. Another helping advice is to search for bridal designers that offer made-to-measure. With this option rather than fitting into a size chart, the designer will make your gown to your exact measurements. 


Keep An Open Mind

By the time you've booked an appointment to shop for your gown, you've likely saved images from Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. While that's incredibly useful, it's also crucial to start your search with an open mind.

While it's fun to try the dress silhouettes that you believe are the ones, don't hesitate to consider taking a step outside your usual comfort zone. Trust your stylists to pull some wild cards and keep an open mind. 


Understand that Dress Shopping can be Stressful for Every Bride

Stressful dress shopping is a universal experience, especially with all of the options out there. Accepting that things may be overwhelming will help you cope with issues better and also assist you in tackling any problem. There are various factors that may make your experience tough; it could be the pressure to find the perfect gown, the number of choices, and many more.

When things get hard, the best thing you can do is bring your support group with you that will lift you up when you feel like you're about to spiral. You should also be open to all possibilities so you can be mindful and prepared for mental obstacles.


Bottom Line

When researching bridal dress stores, look for stores that promote size-inclusivity and carry designers offering made-to-measure options. It's crucial that you keep an open mind throughout the whole process and be open to trying out various styles because you'd be surprised how easily you can pull off some elegant styles. Don't forget to wear the accessories you plan on wearing on your wedding day, including your undergarment, to acquire that ideal fitting.

Shop at least eight months before your wedding so you can adjust any alterations you might need. Finally, try acknowledging that stress and becoming overwhelmed is a natural process and that the goal is to enjoy the process!