35 Best NYC Wedding Photographers (All You Need To Know)

35 Best NYC Wedding Photographers (All You Need To Know)

By Hassan Khan

In the vibrant city of New York, where dreams come true and love stories unfold, there are extraordinary photographers ready to capture the essence of your wedding day. As you search for the perfect wedding photographer in NYC to document your special moments, herewith presenting you a handpicked selection of the 35 Best Wedding Photographers in NYC.

From iconic Manhattan landmarks to charming Brooklyn hideaways, these talented artists have mastered the art of preserving love in its purest form. With each click of their cameras, they transform fleeting memories into timeless treasures, creating visual stories that resonate with your heart and the hearts of your loved ones.

In this carefully curated list, we showcase a diverse range of photographers, each with their own unique style and approach. Whether you prefer candid, documentary-style shots that tell a story or breathtaking, magazine-worthy images that make your heart skip a beat, you'll find the perfect fit among our selections.

Let us be your trusted guide as you embark on this exciting journey to find your ideal NYC wedding photographer. We've done the research for you, presenting the crème de la crème of the industry. This definitive resource will help you make an informed decision, ensuring an unforgettable photography experience that exceeds your expectations.

So let's look at the best Wedding Photographers in NYC!


Christian Oth

When it comes to capturing the essence of love and celebration, one name stands out in the world of wedding photography: Christian Oth. Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, Christian Oth is a master of his craft, renowned for his ability to transform fleeting moments into timeless treasures.

With an artistic eye and a passion for storytelling, Christian Oth has redefined the art of wedding photography. His unique approach seamlessly blends a documentary-style sensibility with a touch of editorial elegance, resulting in captivating images that encapsulate the emotions, beauty, and genuine connections shared between couples.

  • Photography Style: Documentary Editorial Style, Unposed Pose (capture the emotion, energy, and excitement)
  • Portfolio:Christian Oth Portfolio

Andrea & Jessica

Andrea & Jessica are the co-lead photographers who work as a team to prepare for each wedding event. Their photo and editing styles focus on real moments and raw emotion with a true-to-life feel that will last decades.
You can count on having anyone from their team by your side who acknowledges your needs and delivers on them. Their combined expertise and recommendations will be enough to make your day memorable and allow it to be captured in its true essence. For them, it isn't just about the photos; it's about how they care for their clients.

Jaymo Jaymes

Jaymo firmly believes that life is too precious not to be documented. This belief has led him to become a recognized photographer in the city. This line of thinking drives the way he approaches image-making.
Jaymo has specialized in preserving memories and capturing love for nearly a decade. For these years, he's built a team of trusted shooters, editors, and vendors who help him deliver exceptional results each time.
The team provides a rich and memorable experience by gaining trust, building relationships, and ensuring comfort in front of the camera. The team works best when they can understand the nuances and quirks that make a couple's love unique.

  • Photography Style: Editorial, Traditional, Black & White, Destination, Nature, Commercial Style
  • Portfolio:Jaymo Jaymes Portfolio

Brian Marcus

Fred Marcus is a New York institution that was handed down from father to son over three generations and eight decades. Now Brian Marcus continues the legacy and is committed to making beautiful photographs, portraits, and videos that convey the stories of each life's most important moments as couples come together for love and lifelong partnership.

Trent Bailey

Trent Bailey is a renowned photographer who was born in Texas, raised in Louisiana, and now calls New York City home. He studied advertising as an undergrad and soon after picked up a camera and began photographing the things he loved the most: his wife, their beloved dog, and documenting their new life in New York.
The team strives to provide a calm & relaxing presence on your wedding day. They believe in capturing timeless and classic images and will instantly transport you back to the emotions you experienced on your wedding day. Preserving your wedding day experience is their top commitment while ensuring that the unforgettable moments of your day are captured in an honest and artful approach.

  • Photography Style: Natural, Editorial, Documentary, Black and White, Destination Wedding
  • Portfolio:Trent Bailey Portfolio

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Charlotte Jenks Lewis is a globally recognized photographer who has been active in the photography industry for over 20 years. She has been listed as the top photographer in the world for five years in a row by Harper's Bazaar. She is one of just six named Martha Stewart top wedding photographers in New York. Very recently, she was recognized by an International publication called The Wed and given the title of top wedding photographer worldwide.

Brian Dorsey

Brian Dorsey's team of photographers is successful because of how they interact with the people at weddings. You tend to spend the most time with your photographer, more than anyone else, at your wedding, so a photographer's approach makes all the difference.
When a photographer is invited into a couple's most sacred and intimate personal space, they are challenged to make that space the most comforting for them, and that is what this team's values are. Entering into a place where dreams and visions are placed on stage can end up being a challenging timeline with multiple stressors.

Gleb Freeman

Gleb Freeman is an NYC-based photographer who grew up in Europe, Ukraine. Throughout his childhood, he spent the majority of his time in forests and lakes. That's where he learned and gained a deep love for the outdoors and nature.
Gleb started Photography in high school with a tiny orange little camera that was his happiness and joy. He found Photography as a method to express his inner world and a way to show what he felt. He considers the magical experience of Photography.
Within 11 years of experience, Glen has tried everything from events, concerts, food, portraits, commercials, and even videos, but particularly fell in love with weddings.

  • Photography Style: Editorial, Portrait, Aerial, Natural, Traditional, Black and White, Commercial style
  • Portfolio:Gleb Freeman Portfolio

Fran & Mils

Fran and Mils are the founders of Love Bears and share a strong belief in the power of love. They are both passionate photographers, which also brought them together as a couple.
Over the years, they have captured the beauty of weddings and couples across Europe, the US, and the Caribbean. Having been born and raised on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, Frans and Mil were exposed to a rich culture that instilled an appreciation for art in them.
Before initiating Love Bears, Fran, and Mils had a background in design and music, which gave them experience in image, aesthetics, and creative expression.

Samm Blake

Samm Blake is a New York City-based photographer who grew up in a small seaside town in a remote corner of Australia. Her images have garnered acclaim for their vulnerability, honesty, and genuine connection to their subjects. She has photographed celebrations across the world, from the UK to the UAE, Iceland to Indonesia, and beyond, constantly bringing a unique editorial and artistic sensibility to the wedding world.
With twenty years of professional experience, Samm has been named one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world by American Photo and named best wedding photographer by Condé Nast Brides. Her work has been featured in Harper's, Vogue, Bazaar, Brides, C Magazine Martha Stewart Weddings, and more.

Anthony Vazquez

Merging influences from the realm of fashion, traditional schools of art photography, and photojournalism, the team at Anthony Vazquez is famous around the globe for gallery-worthy event images and an imaginative approach. They offer a significant level of talent and perspective with a striking blend of edgy, classical, journalistic, and editorial styles. The team surpasses the limits of conventional event photography, providing each one of its clients with a stunningly personalized, visionary final product.
With their unique eye and passion for wedding photography, the photographers ensure that each client's occasion is illuminated with the innovative and distinctive style of Anthony Vazquez.

Kaitlin Draws

Kaitlyn was a photojournalist in the past, documenting life in Iraq before and after the creation of ISIS. As a film photographer, she found delight in using various analog cameras and film stocks to convert each moment of her own and everyone else's story in a raw yet refined manner.
She believes moments should be prioritized before Photography and that a wedding day is to be lived and enjoyed first before it is photographed. Kaitlyn is based in NYC, where she lives with her husband and Corgi. She often travels the world photographing fashion and mainly loves it.

  • Photography Style: Editorial & Unrehearsed, Portrait, Destination, Commercial & Film Style Photography
  • Portfolio:Kaitlin Draws Portfolio

Emily Denny

Emily Denny is a photographer based in New York City but is available to travel to any place to accommodate her clients. She's passionate about making everyone's photoshoot dreams come true and also making them feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera.
Whether you're a bride/groom planning your big day, a couple who wants a crazy fun shoot, or a brand looking to expand your business with arty photos, Emily Denny got you covered. She aims to make every photoshoot a fun and easy experience, tempting you to want it every day.
Denny's specialty, when it comes to weddings, engagements, elopements, couples, and brands, is bringing a more creative editorial feel to the shoot.

Roey Yohai

Roey Yohai was born in Israel and raised in New York City. He brings an artistic spirit to his work that leaves clients in awe.
Yohai was classically educated in photojournalism at the RIT and spent his formative years covering major news and events for various newspapers across the US.
He has documented the conflict in Israel, the inauguration of President Obama, daily life in Cuba, the Olympic Games in Greece, and the Slow Food movement in the Mediterranean region. However, nothing has influenced his heart the way weddings shoot sessions have.

Eryc Perez de Tagle

Eryc was voted "most artistic" in his graduating grade school class back in Ohio.
In 2008, he moved to Brooklyn after landing a job as a designer and art director at a clothing manufacturer. The pulse of the city helped refine his style and aesthetics. Not too long after that, he found Photography and could visually express himself with a fresh edge.
He started to see the world differently, for instance, in the way light and shadows move through the day to create the perfect mood or a backdrop to compositions waiting to be framed.
"I'm not only documenting your experience, I'm also artfully curating your memories." - Eryc Perez de Tagle, NYC photographer.

Matthew Ree

Matthew Ree is another trusted photographer on the list who is trusted to deliver quality and exceed expectations. He specializes in fashion, lifestyle portraits, and editorial Photography. He has a deep love for natural light in a sensitive and genuine way.
Matthew received his Bachelor's degree in fashion photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.
He then earned his Master's degree in Fine Art at Pratt Institute in New York. He is based in New York City, and his work consists of features in international publications and media, including Vogue Korea, The Knot, Elle Korea, Bazaar, PDN, Cosmo Bride China, WWD, New York Magazine, and many others.

  • Photography Style: Lifestyle Portraits, Editorial & Traditional Portrait Style
  • Portfolio:Matthew Ree Portfolio

Emma Melin

Emma's passion for Photography started at a young age and has gradually blossomed into a business devoted to serving other young couples. Her priority is to create a comfortable, safe, and unique experience. She works one-on-one with each client to capture their dreams' photos.
Emma Melin is a designer & photographer based in Minneapolis & New York City. She enjoys spending time with her friends and two pups named Charlee & Chaser in her free time. She describes herself as a true midwestern girl who dreams of traveling the world and settling on a beach in Connecticut.
Her goal as your photographer is to create a warm and welcoming environment with an inclusive and safe space for all humans.

  • Photography Style: Editorial, Portrait, Black and White, Commercial, Fashion. etc
  • Portfolio:Emma Melin Portfolio


Sava is a studio of photographers who bonded over their love of art, similar educational backgrounds, and general affinity for timeless wedding photos. They use everything they've learned in art school to influence their wedding photography talent.
The team works together and aims to remind their clients to savor every moment of their wedding day as Sava studies will be right behind them, capturing it all. Every wedding is a work of art, and their job is to ensure the clients see it that way, too.
From your inquiry to your engagement session to your wedding day and beyond, Melissa is there to ensure your photos feel authentic to your personalities.
She wants to continue to help couples relive each moment of their wedding day every time they look at your images, making them feel comfortable in front of the camera and blend into the crowd like guests.

  • Photography Style: Editorial, Traditional Documentary/Photojournalistic Style
  • Portfolio:Melissa Portfolio

Liz Banfield

Liz Banfield is a former executive at the top advertising agency Fallon and kickstarted her career shooting assignments for her creative colleagues.
Throughout this phase in her life, Liz gained a following on a foundation of high standards, hard work, and effortless client service. She speaks the language of collaboration and loves working with her creative partners to make unmatched, innovative work together.
In the world of weddings, Liz started as an early pioneer in the candid, photojournalistic style that transformed the industry. She is constantly recognized as one of the top photographers in the world.

Sascha Reinking

Sascha Reinking grew up in the northwest of Germany. He graduated as an Architect from the University of Applied Sciences and got married in the same country in a small church. Architecture had a significant influence on his love for photography. It turned out for him that both his passion for photography and architecture intertwined for him as light and shadow appeared differently when he captured images.
The leading lines play a significant role in his art, combined with his love of capturing emotions and human beings, and you end up with genuinely one-of-a-kind wedding photography.


Meet Ochirova, your dedicated wedding photographer based right here in NYC. She isn't just about snapping pictures; she's all about crafting a visual narrative that lets you relive the magic of your special day over and over again.
Think of Ochirova as your personal memory weaver. With her, it's not about forced poses or awkward moments in front of the lens. It's more like strolling through the park with an old friend who just happens to have a camera. Her approach is as smooth as a gentle breeze, and her ultimate aim is to capture the very essence of you.
Her photography style is a blend of art and authenticity. She weaves together natural, romantic, and evocative elements to create images that are a mirror to your emotions..

  • Photography Style: Natural and Candid, Storytelling, Artistic Blends
  • Portfolio:Ochirova Portfolio

Parker's Pictures

Parker is currently receiving her MFA through Parson's photography graduate program.
She aims to capture the authentic feeling of being present during milestones of big events and days. She finds inspiration from her favorite films and historical love stories.
She has a deep obsession with Idaho, her stereotypical dream of moving to the South of France, her opinions on NYC pizza shops, the classic rom-com of the 80s and 90s, and her mini-dachshund Grumpy.

Mina Sisley

Mina Sisley is an editorial documentary photographer who creates heirlooms you will want to pass down for generations. She wholeheartedly believes that who you pick to capture your milestone moments matters a ton.
Choosing a photographer is a very personal choice which is why you need to pick a photographer that is a good fit.
Sisley's approach is influenced by her experience in editorial fashion and pro and college sports. She specifically works to help her clients look and feel their most relaxed and confident.
Mina believes that photos should make you feel something. To her, that is love, and pictures should reflect those feelings. Mina shoots a combination of film and digital Photography to create honest and nostalgic images. Images that bring you and your partner back to the best days of your life when you look back.

Chester Canasa

Chester Canasa is an NYC-based engagement and wedding photographer. Chester believes in the beauty of marriage and is ecstatic about every chance to capture each moment with his camera. For him, being a photographer that documents a couple's love and joy is a dream come true. He would not trade his passion for any other profession.
Canasa gives great importance to providing impressive experience and artwork. His style is described as natural, romantic, and evocative. He finds it important to highlight these traits to prove to you that he's the perfect fit.

Leila Brewster

For over a decade, Leila Brewster has been photographing couples all over the globe. And in the most luxurious places, the most unique moments she's captured are the ones where the couple lives in the moment and takes time for themselves. They would wholly experience their wedding with their senses by tasting the food, hearing the glorious melody of the music, holding each other's hands, and watching their guests celebrate them. According to her, those moments are ones to live for and to remember.
Since memory is fragile and at the moment, we forget a single detail, she photographs the moments in a candid, timeless way so your memories of the day stay fresh.

Joseph Lin

Joseph Lin was born and raised in Manhattan. He offers a uniquely energetic character to your wedding couples with carefully curated age for the moments. He exudes his optimism and enthusiasm into his subjects and into his photography to serve a poetic storytelling magical marriage event. He was trained at the International Center of Photography and sought out his work globally. Lin is a popular choice for all kinds of event planners.

  • Photography Style: Poetic Storyteller, Uniquely Energetic Photographs
  • Portfolio:Joseph Lin Portfolio

Asher Gardner

In college, Asher Gardner studied photography and learned all there is to know about everything, from lighting to how to develop film in a dark room. After completing college, she took a year off to travel and document the beauty of the people and cultures she encountered and witnessed.
Her fellow travellers would ask her to photograph their wedding, and that's when she realized her passion was born. As a result, for the past seven years, she's photographed the celebrations of exceptional couples around the world. Gardener honours her role of documenting sacred ceremonies filled with love and companionship.

Julian Ribinik

Julian Ribinik has lived in Israel since he was 13 and met Evgenia at an outdoor photoshoot. Both of them were always drawn to timeless candid photography and now work together to build their photography brand. Julian Ribinik had an extraordinary passion for photojournalism, while Evgenia enjoyed creating sensual imagery.
Together they capture intimate moments of their couples' stories.
Bold colors and a black and white backdrop of NYC was their wedding photography style, and with their years of experience, the couple truly understood what beautiful imagery looks like.

Charlie Juliet

Charlie Juliet's career began with shooting love stories all over the world. She was soon considered the go-to photographer for couples when they decided to have little children. At this moment, she realized family photography was her true calling.
Juliet loves nothing more than using film photography as a method to suspend and slow time for precious family moments. Her innate on my patience and warmth emerge when she meets little ones. Charlie Juliet works to deliver an heirloom-quality gallery a family will treasure for the rest of time.

Cynthia Chung

To Cynthia Chung, photography is about the ability to be transported back to a specific moment. This moment is shared between couples, friends, and family or simply to admire in solidarity. Moments can be funny, unique, silly, sweet, or even straight-up embarrassing. Regardless, having it captured allows raw emotions that came with that moment to be relived as many times as you want. Cynthia enjoys being a part of people's happiest days, and that's why she's dedicated to her work.

Danila & Lana

Danila & Lana is a Brooklyn- based boutique photo & video company. They are full of unique ideas and are always ready to create legendary photos and videos.
Danila &Lana considers themselves a family of artists dedicated to capturing genuine, raw, and candid moments that fully encapsulate your special day. They passionately create creating non-cheesy, sensual portraits that blend authenticity with the perfect editorial aesthetic. They are well-versed in highlighting the beauty and love present throughout your wedding day in a way that feels real to you.

Brian Hatton

Back when Briam Hatton studied music in college, he enjoyed taking photos on a cheap point-and-shoot. For a school assignment, he made a photo essay highlighting Morningside Heights's gentrification. It didn't take him long to realize that marriage and the ability to communicate beyond words are what define a great musician and a great photographer.
Today, Brian creates images that depict the nuances of personal connections. He does it in a way that is unpretentiously refined and refreshingly real. Either for a modern minimalist or a lavish affair steeped in tradition, he uses his expertise to help people tell their unique stories.

  • Photography Style: Documenting Relationships with Alive Contemporary Aesthetic
  • Portfolio:Brian Hatton Portfolio

Sara Wight

Sara Wight is an award-winning photographer. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts from Kutztown University and an MFA in Photography, Video, and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her fine art photography has been exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions throughout the US for more than a decade. Wight is held in many private collections.
Sara founded a boutique photography studio in 2012, which has easily grown to be a top studio in New York.

Dave Robbins

Dave Robbins has photographed the weddings of many notables like Ellie Kemper, Christina Hendricks, and Piper Perabo, all of who sought him out for his unique brand of visual storytelling. He is well known for his ability to find beautiful nuance and is one of the most sought-after photographers for NYC weddings.
Robbins is passionate about his craft and relaxed in his approach, where he prides himself on his ability to put clients at ease.

Shira Weinberger

Shira Weinberger is an NYC-based photographer with 16 years of experience. She is originally from Israel, but along the way on her path to success, she photographed many American, Chinese, Korean, Jewish, Yeemnite, French, Ethiopian, Moroccan, and Indian Weddings.
Shira Weinberger is an award-winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). Her internationally acclaimed work appeared in Brides Magazine, The Knot, Anhelo (Japan), and The Knot China.
Shira aims to capture the genuine love, emotions, ambiance, and spontaneity of a wedding day.

Bottom Line

Wedding photographers not only capture your wedding photos, but they walk you through the steps of making your event feel more special and loved to fully encapsulate that emotion into pictures.

Listed above are the most talented wedding photographers to work with. There are many more incredible ones that aren't on this list because the world is filled with proclaimed, successful photographers who dedicate their lives to capturing beautiful and intimate moments for families.

So are you planning your dream wedding in NYC? Alongside finding the best NYC wedding photographers, it's crucial to choose a wedding dress that embodies your style and captures the essence of your special day.

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We hope this article helped you.