General Inquires

Don't be a stranger. Ask away...

Our hand-picked retailers have a deep understanding of our brand and workmanship. Please contact your nearest retailer if you are interested in our collection or visit our NYC atelier.

Yes! Any of our existing styles can be deeply customized.

Size Chart: When you say "Yes" to your dress, your stylist will take a few measurements and make a size suggestion based on where you fall within our size chart.

Made to Measure: Similar to selecting a size, your stylist will measure you. We will use these exact measurements to create your gown. Your dress will have a better overall fit, but alterations still may be needed to ensure your gown fits like a glove.

Yes! To offer final touches and a sparkling finish, Blossom Veils is home to Enaura’s complementary accessories. Equally luxurious, the breathtaking veils and elegant adornments of our sister company pair effortlessly with our gowns. With the same signature beading, every Blossom Veil piece becomes a radiant extension of an Enaura gown, like a final brushstroke on an artist’s masterpiece. From cascading veils to detachable skirts, the Blossom Collection is crafted to complete each bride’s look.