Our Story

With a base in the heart of NYC's Garment District and a heritage in India, the brand prides itself on upholding ancient embroidery techniques with each gown being expertly constructed by artisanal crafters. Design techniques such as ‘zardosi’ and ‘tambour’ which were used to clothe Indian Kings & Queens have been passed down from generation to generation and remain in practice today. The brand is focused on celebrating and sustaining the traditional techniques of these artisans that work on each gown, resulting in exclusively authentic designs. With each collection, the brand compliments modern and feminine silhouettes with nostalgic designs inspired by the art and history of textiles, detailed textures of flora, and old-world architecture resulting in understated yet tasteful gowns. The Enaura bride feels effortlessly accentuated, feminine and timeless.


    Using ancient techniques and bespoke hand detailing of embroidery, each gown is made to order, ensuring the Enaura bride receives a one-of-a-kind gown.


    The devotion to craftsmanship that goes into each gown can not be understated, with a collective effort of 20 artisans simultaneously beading the design resulting in up to 500 hours of meticulous handwork.


    Each gown is unique in its construction method, and this approach allows us to work with brides' customization requests to create a one-of-a-kind gown.

Embrace your own distinctive beauty and aura when you wear a gown by Enaura.

Founder & Creative Director

Inspired by the work of his ancestors and desiring to find his own way in fashion, a young Sohil left his East Coast home to study the intricate techniques of beaded design in India. Awed by the meticulous work of hand-beading artisans, a melding of old traditions and new elegance began to stir in his soul. Taking notable cues from ancient embroidery and design techniques developed to clothe Indian kings and queens, Sohil became passionate about treating each intricate detail as a true work of art.

Upon the completion of his immersion studies, he returned to the States and began creating. In 2011, he launched Blossom Veils, bringing bespoke bridal accessories to the modern bride with artisan appreciation. His cathedral veil collection brought a level of show stopping intricacy never before seen in modern veil beading. Royal beading tradition had been brought to the doorstep of bespoke couture. After Blossom’s bubbling, Sohil beaded on: taking his vision to couture, bespoke gowns. In 2013, Enaura Bridal was born.