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Top 17 Wedding Planners in New York who Turn Dreams into Reality

By Hassan Khan

Welcome to an era where wedding planning has come a long way from the days of simply selecting a venue and choosing between white or ivory. If planning it feels more like an epic battle than a fairy tale, fear not! Enter the unsung heroes of the wedding world, the masters of matrimony, the champions of chaos: Wedding Planners!

These modern-day artisans, often hidden behind the scenes, are visionaries who have mastered the art of combining tradition with innovation, seamlessly weaving the couple's unique love story into every detail. They meticulously orchestrate every detail, from venue selection and décor arrangement to vendor coordination and timeline management.

Here is a list of NYC's top wedding planners that will perfect the execution of your big day. 


LLG Events

LLG Events, a premier event planning company, epitomizes excellence in crafting unforgettable experiences. With a commitment to detail and a passion for creativity, LLG Events transforms visions into reality. Led by founders and creative directors Lauren and Paul Grech, the team's expertise encompasses luxury weddings, corporate galas, and social gatherings.

By seamlessly blending innovation with personalized touches, LLG Events curates immersive events that captivate and inspire. Their thorough planning, design finesse, and dedication to client satisfaction have established them as industry leaders.

With each event, LLG Events continues to set new standards, ensuring every occasion they touch becomes a cherished and timeless memory. They are, without a doubt, among the best online wedding planners.

Erganic Design

Erganic Design is deeply rooted in celebrating heritage while embracing a contemporary approach, collaborating to shape the legacy of tomorrow. Their specialization lies in curating multicultural weddings with the amicable guidance of Sojourner Auguste, the founder.

They perceive wedding planning as their most profound undertaking — a convergence of generations, cultural legacies, and memories to forge and safeguard. With an impressive portfolio, Erganic Design has orchestrated expansive, comprehensive events spanning diverse faiths, including Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, and Buddhism.

The firm's essence embodies enduring values and timeless love narratives, steadfast in their commitment to crafting stories that stand the test of time. They are a team of the best wedding planners.

Amy Katz Events

If you are looking for nyc wedding planners, Amy Katz Events is a perfect choice. It is a trailblazing event-planning company dedicated to curating extraordinary experiences. Led by Amy Katz herself, the team thrives on crafting events that transcend expectations.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, they bring visions to life, whether a lavish wedding or a corporate soirée. Amy Katz Events boasts a diverse portfolio, showcasing their versatility in designing celebrations that resonate with individual styles.

Their meticulous planning, creative flair, and commitment to client satisfaction have positioned them at the forefront of the industry. Amy Katz Events continues to set new benchmarks with every event, ensuring that moments are celebrated and etched into lasting memories.

Marcy Blum Events

Marcy Blum is the visionary force behind Marcy Blum Events. She is a luminary in event planning and design with four decades of career. Her company is a testament to innovation and elegance, orchestrating events that resonate with a distinct blend of sophistication and creativity.

Marcy Blum Events' extensive portfolio showcases remarkable expertise in curating weddings, galas, and corporate gatherings, each exuding exquisite attention to detail. Marcy's approach combines a profound understanding of her client's desires with a flair for unique touches, resulting in unparalleled experiences.

With an impeccable reputation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Marcy Blum Events consistently shapes moments that linger in memories long after the final applause. This company is one of the wedding planners people dream of having.

Chancey Charm Weddings

Chancey Charm is a prominent wedding planning and design company, as depicted on their official website. With a presence spanning multiple states, their team of experienced planners embraces diverse styles and visions.>The company is committed to personalized, stress-free planning and attention to detail. Chancey Charm's approach combines a passion for creating memorable moments and dedication to reflecting each couple's unique love story.

Their expertise spans various scales and preferences, from intimate elopements to grand celebrations. With a belief in making the planning process enjoyable and seamless, Chancey Charm is a reliable partner in turning destination wedding dreams into flawlessly executed realities.

Brilliant Event Planning

Brilliant Event Planning is a premier event planning company with a strong reputation for crafting unique and unforgettable experiences. Co-founded by Sarah Glick (Boston wedding planner) and Chelsea LaFollette (NYC wedding planner), the team boasts a collective expertise that spans various event types, from weddings to corporate affairs.

Their commitment to creativity and meticulous attention to detail result in seamlessly executed events that have a lasting impact. Brilliant Event Planning's personalized approach reflects the individuality of each client, ensuring that every event truly reflects their vision.

With a dedication to exceptional service and a knack for turning ideas into reality, Brilliant Event Planning consistently delivers moments that shine with innovation and sophistication. You will always find this company in the list of wedding planners who are highly experienced.

Ang Weddings and Events

Ang Weddings and Events is a distinguished wedding planning and design firm renowned for its impeccable service and exquisite execution. Led by founder Tzo Ai Ang, the team is celebrated for curating elegant and timeless celebrations.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to capturing each couple's unique essence, Ang Weddings and Events' portfolio radiates sophistication. Their personalized approach ensures that every event harmonizes the couple's vision and the team's expertise.

From intimate gatherings to lavish affairs, their dedication to crafting seamless, emotionally resonant experiences sets them apart as true artisans of the wedding industry.

Calder Clark

Calder Clark is a leading luminary in event planning and design. The brainchild of Calder Clark, the team specializes in curating bespoke celebrations that encapsulate the unique essence of their clients.

Calder Clark's personalized methodology ensures that each event is a living embodiment of their client's visions, showcasing their unwavering dedication to crafting moments that are not just visually stunning but emotionally resonant. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Calder Clark consistently delivers events that set the bar for artistic brilliance.

Daughter of Design

Daughter of Design, featured on their official website, is a leading event planning and design firm founded by Annie Lee. Renowned for her creativity and distinctive touch, Annie and her team specialize in crafting seamless and unforgettable experiences.

With an extensive background in fashion and luxury events, Daughter of Design's work is truly remarkable and sets them apart from other wedding planners. From intimate celebrations to lavish affairs, their approach revolves around curating events that resonate with each client's vision.

Apotheosis Events

Apotheosis Events is a visionary event planning and design firm founded by Ryan Hill. Renowned for their dedication and innovative approach, the team specializes in creating extraordinary experiences that transcend ordinary celebrations.

Drawing inspiration from art, culture, and travel, Apotheosis Events' portfolio embodies a commitment to creating immersive and emotionally resonant events. Their meticulous attention to detail, paired with a personalized touch, ensures that each occasion reflects the unique essence of their clients.

From luxury weddings to intimate gatherings, their ethos centers on crafting moments that evoke awe and leave a lasting impact, establishing them as trailblazers in event design and execution.

Elle Audrey New York

Elle Audrey is a premier event planning and design powerhouse founded by Lauren Dickens. Revered for their distinctive approach, the team specializes in curating extraordinary events that blend innovation and elegance effortlessly.

Drawing inspiration from art, fashion, and global cultures, Elle Audrey's portfolio is a testament to their strong commitment to crafting immersive and unforgettable experiences. Their robust craftsmanship, accompanied by a personalized touch, guarantees that each occasion radiates the client's unique essence.

From opulent weddings to sophisticated, intimate gatherings, their philosophy revolves around crafting moments that envelop the senses and imprint lasting memories, establishing them as vanguards in the dynamic landscape of event design and execution.

Leslie Mastin Events

Specializing in weddings, milestone events, and nonprofit fundraisers, Leslie Mastin Events expertly guides clients through the dynamic process of event planning, resulting in unforgettable occasions.

Their strength lies in distilling the event aesthetic to seamlessly align with a carefully chosen roster of skilled event professionals tailored to the client's style and budget. The team is committed to crafting imaginative and captivating elements that transform into cherished memories for the guests.

For Leslie Mastin Events, events are narratives waiting to unfold, approached with genuine, joyful, and inspiring narration. Each event becomes an extraordinary moment shared.

Lindsay Landman Events

Lindsay Landman Events is renowned for seamlessly blending thoughtful event planning, transformative design, and flawless production. This integrated approach ensures an all-encompassing event experience led by the Creative Director, Lindsay Landman.

Backed by a skilled team of creatives and logisticians, each driven by attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, the company creates unparalleled-quality weddings, parties, galas, and fundraisers.

Central to their ethos is the process of decoding clients' needs and translating them into extraordinary events. This involves a creative and logistical journey, aiming to educate, advise, and ultimately astonish. The client's uniqueness acts as the North Star, guiding the collaboration toward success by drawing inspiration from their preferences, hobbies, and lifestyle.


Want your wedding to be the talk of the town? FÊTE NY promises just that. They're not just about planning; they're about creating. From the first idea to the final production, they ensure every detail is perfect. Step into their world, and you'll see why they're the go-to for weddings that are nothing short of spectacular.
FÊTE NY is synonymous with excellence in event planning, design, and production. Every event curated by FÊTE NY is a testament to their commitment to quality, innovation, and attention to detail. With FÊTE NY by your side, prepare for a celebration that's not just memorable, but truly legendary.

Wild Heights Events

Brooklyn's very own Wild Heights Events is a beacon of creativity and innovation in the realm of event planning and design. Their philosophy revolves around crafting celebrations that are deeply personal, authentic, and creative.
With a unique approach that emphasizes out-of-the-box thinking, Wild Heights Events ensures that every celebration is a reflection of the couple's personality, style, and story. They don't just plan events; they bring your unique visions to life. Imagine a celebration that's a true reflection of your personality and story.
The team at Wild Heights Events believes in creating celebrations that not only tell a story but also become the stories that are cherished for years to come. Their expertise and dedication make them stand out as one of the best in the business.

Premini Events

If you've got a soft spot for South Asian weddings, Premini Events is where your dreams meet reality. Recognized as one of NYC's top Indian Wedding Planners, they blend tradition with a touch of modern elegance. With them, your wedding won't just be an event; it'll be an experience, a beautiful blend of age-old traditions and your unique love story.
Premini Events, an award-winning event planning and creative agency, specializes in South Asian weddings. Their reputation as one of the top Indian Wedding Planners in NYC is well-deserved. While the website offers a glimpse into the "experience," it's evident that Premini Events is dedicated to crafting events that are not only memorable but also deeply rooted in cultural traditions.

Le Petite Privé

Le Petite Privé might just be your fairy godmother. Based in the heart of New York but with a flair that's global, they're all about organic designs that feel authentically you. They're not just planners; they're storytellers. With them, you're not just hosting an event; you're crafting memories that'll be shared for generations.
Featured on Vogue, Le Petite Privé is an event production company based in the New York Metropolitan area with a global reach. Their design approach is organic, allowing clients to steer their vision while the team provides expert guidance to realize the dream wedding.
With a rich history of design and a deep understanding of the industry, Le Petite Privé promises a balanced and elegant event. Their commitment is to craft events that are a blend of personal memories and family history, where traditions and dreams merge into reality.

Bottom Line

What do wedding planners do? In a world where time moves swiftly, these planners have the power to freeze cherished moments, allowing couples to relive the magic through every photograph, story, and sentiment.

These modern-day maestros of matrimony turn your wildest wedding dreams into reality while keeping your sanity intact. So, if you're planning a wedding, remember to invite the real MVPs – the wedding planners. They'll turn your special day into the fairy tale you've always dreamed of.