Enaura Vision

En – a prefix meaning “within”
Aura – a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person.

Designed to punctuate and elevate your distinctive beauty and aura.


The Company

Based in the heart of New York City, Enaura Bridal is a beacon of timeless bespoke beauty in a bridal landscape of momentary trends. As a brand, Enaura embodies luxury workmanship, rich embroidery, and supreme craftsmanship. The superior design unites couture techniques and highly developed details to provide a flawless fit with unique construction. Melding timeless artistry with fresh couture influences, Enaura balances every design element to illuminate you and not overtake you.

The Enaura Bride

Confident and original, the Enaura bride is bathed in radiance. She lights up a room with her sophisticated glamour: both modern and timeless, effervescent and discerning.  The Enaura bride is not swayed by momentary trends. She is steady with clarity, her heart set at ease only when she finally meets the perfect combination of quality and originality. The Enaura bride effortlessly discerns true and enduring beauty.



The Construction & Gown

From vision, to sketch, to pattern, to bead and needle, every detail of the dress is weaved with an elevation of artisanship, technique, and elegance. Fully hand-produced by India-based artisans, every piece is made to order for its bride. Visions come alive as bride-requested customizations are designed and brought to life. Deeply customizable, every detail of your wedding dress is sized to your exact shape. Your fit. Your vision. Your work of art.

The highest quality fabrics are sourced from New York City and delivered to India for the making of the gowns. Each individual gown is an accumulation of up to 500 hours of meticulous handwork, often a collective effort of 20 artisans simultaneously beading the piece. Enaura artisans manifest bridal gowns through the ancient arts of zardosi and tambour: stunning embroidery methods once used to gild the robes of Indian kings and queens. Passed down from generation to generation in the community, the gowns boast rich history and unrivaled detail. Brides who select an Enaura gown truly choose to adorn themselves with a work of art.

The Blossom Veils Collection

To offer final touches and a sparkling finish, Blossom Veils is home to Enaura’s complementary accessories. Equally luxurious, the breathtaking veils and elegant adornments of our sister company pair effortlessly with our gowns. With the same signature beading, every Blossom Veil piece becomes a radiant extension of an Enaura gown, like a final brushstroke on an artist’s masterpiece. From cascading veils to detachable skirts, the Blossom Collection is crafted to complete each bride’s look.